Anchor(ed) on the Estuary…

Another Saturday and another pub walk gets underway.  This one circumnavigates the historic causeway across the River Test estuary at Redbridge… lets call it ‘The Tester’pub walk….


As can be seen in the above image the River Test estuary splits Redbridge (on the right) and Totton (on the left) as it makes it’s way south to become Southampton Water at it’s confluence with the River Itchen.

Redbridge has been a settlement since medieval times due to it’s importance as a river crossing point and later, in the 17th century, was a location for naval and merchant shipbuilding using timber from the New Forest nearby.

You can see the pubs mapped out for the walk on the above image and the first two pubs on the walk are in Redbridge.  In keeping with its maritime past, both have nautical names.

As Mrs GH was going to a nearby retail park, I grabbed a lift and from there had a pleasant walk down the road by the side of the River Test estuary and marshes…

Estuarial marshes…

….with blackberries flowering in the hedgerow…


…to my first ‘port of call’ The Anchor.

This Marston’s pub really is anchored by the estuary, and to some degree it is in a time warp.  You can easily see how Redbridge was once a small hamlet by the river, but now it has been overcome by major transport routes, which also seems to have enhanced its isolation.  Most people pass by at rooftop level, on the adjacent Redbridge flyover carrying the busy A36 from the New Forest into Southampton or to the M271 and M27 motorways, via the Redbridge roundabout.

The Anchor – with A36 Redbridge flyover behind and lager drinker outside…

Across the road from the pub on the edge of the estuary, the Southampton to Salisbury railway line squeezes past…

A Southampton bound train on the railway line between the road and the estuary. The pub is a bit further down the road past the trees.

In amongst, and below, all this transport activity, The Anchor sits quietly and relatively undisturbed, and has done for a century or so.  It is a typical two room local wet-led pub.

I choose the lounge bar, aquite modest affair with a small bar, classic bench seats around the window, and a few tables and chairs (and beermats).

Lounge with classic bench seating and a trophy cabinet in old fireplace/chimney.

There were just two hand pumps and one cask ale on, Ringwood Razorback, so the choice was nice and simple…

I sat at a nearby table with my half of Razorback. The beer was decent enough (good) in an old reliable, best bitter kind of way.

Beer mat, best bitter, flat cap, dart board, England flags – all the right ingredients for a local pub….(except the cider glass)

The barmaid wasn’t busy, unlike the pub dog, which was intent on attracting her attention and begging for treats from the treat jar.  She seemd happy enough to keep the dog occupied with treats and was worrying about keeping it in the pub, to avoid a bull terrier which had arrived with a customer out in the beer garden.

She was also telling a couple of locals at the bar about a lager glass that exploded when being filled with Fosters lager the previous night…and they concluded it was probably due to the glass being warm and the lager being excessively cold…

…I wondered if another possibility might be that carbonation in Fosters lager could have reached new and exciting levels…

Local at the bar (and pub dog on the floor) ponder the recently discussed tale of the exploding lager glass, and dog treats, respectively…

It was very quiet and nothing much else happened while I was there… there was some clubby type music playing in the background (all seems the same noise to me) and then I recognised ‘On The Beach’ by Chris Rea, which was better, but seemed a bit out of genre…

All in all, The Anchor is a simple local pub, but a pleasant enough start to a Saturday afternoon pub walk…

Old Redbridge buildings – Redbridge flyover towers above the rooftops next to the diminuitive house on the right…

… I left for the next pub, walking towards to the centre of old Redbridge and passing these very nice historic buildings, sitting right in the shadow of the A36 flyover bridge.

I’d guess these buildings also hark back to Redbridge’s maritime past…


8 thoughts on “Anchor(ed) on the Estuary…

    1. Cheers Martin. I think the bloke was drinking the Razorback as well – bit of a change instead of lager drinkers…

      I can’t remember positioning the cap, but now you’ve got me thinking…how many different flat cap poses I can come up with…#sadblokeinpub

      Liked by 1 person

  1. “ lets call it ‘The Tester’pub walk….”

    I don’t know whether to chuckle or groan. 🙂

    “….with blackberries flowering in the hedgerow…”

    We have those a short walk from my house in the woods behind us. Not quite ready for picking yet.

    “and lager drinker outside…”

    You have bloody good eyesight! 🙂

    “Across the road from the pub on the edge of the estuary, the Southampton to Salisbury railway line squeezes past…”

    Busy little place.

    “Beer mat, best bitter, flat cap, dart board, England flags”

    Did you take your cap off just for the photo?

    “and they concluded it was probably due to the glass being warm and the lager being excessively cold…”

    One of the reasons I’m not a big fan of lager. Too bloody cold!
    (they even put the beer mugs over here in the freezer to chill for extra oompf)

    “and dog treats, respectively…”


    ” I left for the next pub,”

    Which appears to be a two minute walk. 🙂


    PS – “as it makes it’s way south”

    And we’re off! That’s one apostrophe. 🙂

    “at it’s confluence with the River Itchen.”

    Two. (should have put those two together actually)

    “due to it’s importance as a river crossing point”

    Three. 🙂

    “aquite modest affair”

    And now for a change of pace (or should I say space?). 🙂


  2. Heh heh – a groan is perfectly justified…

    My eyesight is not that good – but I walked past him on the way in – which helped…;)

    “Did you take your cap off just for the photo?” – Definitely – and I put it straight back on again afterwards….

    “Which appears to be a two minute walk. 🙂” Spot on – takes me longer to do the post that to walk there….;)

    Freezing beer glasses – that is BAD….as bad as someone asking you if you want ice in your single malt… :0

    “Three. 🙂”

    #ApostrophesAreForEverything…NotJustForShortWordsAndConnections 🙂

    No – I will try harder next time – honest…..(might even use a spell checker or something…)

    PS – I have used full words throughout this comment – I am giving my apostrophes a well earned rest….

    Cheers Russ


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